Shecky, Scooby, George

Hi Mark! I have a soft spot for animals and I dont know what happens but I seem to find all the strays and just cannot seem to let them go. It has been quite a rough couple years with our animals. I have 4 over 10 and it seems all the health problems have come to us.

In July 2005 our dog Shecky started to have mild seizures then gradually got worse. Then a couple months later my dog Scooby started to lose all his hair and his skin started to bleed. He had a low thyroid. So over the course of the last 2 years we have got them regulated on their meds.

Then this past summer Shecky (the one with epilepsy) got a chronic ear infection that took 6 month and over $400 to get rid of. Then a week and 1/2 later he developed a growth from out of nowhere in his ear that developed as a result from all the infection and needed $260 surgery to get rid of. Finally get the ear all better and my almost 11 year old cat George collapses yesterday and couldnt walk. Turns out diabetes finally caught up with his big 21-25 lb body. He is still in the e.r. vet today but hope to get him home by tomorrow. When it rains it pours but people keep saying to me why do you pay all that money to get them well and are amazed that I fixed my cat. What do you do just let them die for no good reason? I dont think we can ever get non animal lovers to understand. There is something special about animals and they are in our lives and on this earth for a reason. Maybe some of these people should get animals theirselves to see what true unconditional love is.

My husband is in the Navy(who is a big fan of yours) and we will be moving all 6 of our animals to Jax Fl in the next 3 weeks meds and all. We bought your book today and I am sure we will enjoy it. We are sorry for your loss of Sprite he was a beautiful dog.

Lori from VA