Shecky, Rudy, Oreo

Hi Mark! I wrote yesterday telling about how we have 6 animals total 4 of them are over 10. One of my cats is in the er vet and has been since Monday as he was diagnosed with diabetes. One of my dogs Shecky has epilepsy and my other dog Scooby has a low thyroid. Now we have 3 on meds and a 17 1/2 old cat named Rudy who I am sure will have problems in the near future. Well I found this dog Oreo whom I found at my girlfriends wandering the streets. She was apparently spayed by PETA per request of my girlfriend once PETA gave her the shots she needed and spayed her they naturally dropped her off back in front of the house of her so called owners house and let her run free. She had no shelter and was barely given food. I of course upon visiting my girlfriends house that day said that is unacceptable that she has no shelter and scooped her up and put her smelly little self in my truck and drove the hour ride back to my Va Beach home. On the ride home knowing that she was 6 months old needed a cage and stopped to get her one as well as a new collar and leash.


My husband was still on deployment with the USN when I brought her home. We are in the process of moving to Jackonville Fl area and have been trying to find a home for her for 3 weeks now. A perfect couple came forward a week ago to my story about her with a cute picture and they seemed perfect and that fell through. The next woman I felt was not going to take good care of her and she fell through as well. A third person came forward and they fell through as well. I am the biggest animal lover in the world and have never fostered an animal and not kept it. This is tearing at my heartstrings something fierce. I am sure you can tell being I have 6 animals and 00 in vet bills since August. And on military pay that is not that easy being we have 2 mortgage payments right now. I really need the perfect home for her. I am hoping that person comes along. Now that the 3rd person fell through today I am really losing hope. People always have the best intentions when adopting an animal and then dont take care of them.

I started reading your book this afternoon and love it. I am 1/2 way through it and plan on finishing it tonight after my 2 boys go to bed. It is so wonderful and I am so sorry for your loss of sprite. He was so beautiful and was lucky to have had your family as owners. Wish me luck in finding the perfect home for our Oreo.

Lori from VA