Greetings Mr Levin, I’ve been a huge fan of yours for a long time and I have a story I would like to share about my beloved Sassy. She came to my family by being abandoned by a nieghbor .She would not come near me at first but after I got her to take a piece of jerky from my hand she became my dog. Everywhere I went she stayed by my side.

About two years after she adopted me she developed a very agressive cancer. My vet said there was nothing we could do so after one last camping trip with my family I had to give her to God. It was devastating. Shortly after that my two year-old daughter who would join us quite often in bed in the middle of the night, would sit up and talk to her like she was still there. I asked her one morning why. She told me that Sassy kept going into our bathroom.I just shrugged it off as an active imagination of a two year-old.

A few months later my Grandmother who had seen my daughter only as an infant,passed away. I had flown back to her funeral and had only been back home for a few days,when my daughter and I were playing she stopped and told me that Sassy was’nt in our room anymore. I said I know baby she’s in doggy heaven now. She then said “no daddy grandma Walker came and got her’. My wife’s and my jaw dropped open. I was shocked but at the same time comforted that someday we will be together again with not only our two legged loved ones but also our four legged ones too. May God bless you and your family great one.

Craig from AZ