Sandy & Bull, Stella

A man flagged me down at the corner of Underhill Ave. and Bergen Street-Brooklyn. He told me that there was a dead dog in the vacant lot. I investigated, and saw a gold hair dog in a ditch. When I approached, it looked up at me. It was badly injured, covered with hundreds of bees. Her back and belly had deep lacerations. The man who flagged me down followed me and we both try to find a way to lift her out ditch. He found a piece of plywood and we managed to get it under it. I noticed she was a female dog and that her front right leg was broken. We carried her out to the sidewalk and with all her injuries; she managed to stand, next to me. Kids in from the neighborhood said that drug dealers threw her off the roof across the street, three days prior. She was in that hole for three long days. Well, I notified my boss and I took her to a vet I knew of in Queens. The vet exam her and confirmed that her leg was broken and lost some blood. She also said that she was about six months old and was the main reason she survived. The next major problem was, if no one claimed her or responsibility for her medical expense, she would be put to sleep at the end of the day. Needless to say, Sandy and I have been together for ten happy years for far…

My wife, Barbara, who was my girlfriend back then, had a dog named Bull. A giant German Sheppard, Collie mix. He took her under his wing like a big brother. They were inseparable until he past on president day 2006-cancer. Sandy now has a new sister, Stella, a Border Collie- Cattle dog mix. Sandy was sad for a while, but now has to put up with Stella and me.
So god bless you and thank you for being a Great American, When I listen to your show, you truly give me hope..
Ray from NJ -Ret NYPD and Ret. USAF Res.