On December 29, 2007, my family and i lost our 17 and a half year old dog named rambo. he was a schipperke,  and i miss him a lot. we for most of his life, he had lots of health issues. even though he did have lots of problems, he lived a very full life. he really liked to go on car rides. if he thought that their was even a chance that he’d be able to go with us somewhere, he’d try. when lugage went out the door, he noticed it. he also liked to be around where all the action of the house was, whereever it might be. he also liked to follow my mom around and be where she was at all times.

About 3 or 4 years ago, his helth began to go down to the point where he could bearly walk on his own. before went to have christmas with my family, he seemed to be fine. when we got back after christmas, he wasn’t doing well at all. he wasn’t walking on his own and wasn’t doing much of anything without help. fast forward to the 29th. we were thinking of having him put down if he lived through the night. we all went shopping and other things that night, and rambo came with us wrapped in blankets so he’d be warm in the car. he seemed to know he was in the car from what we could tell. after all the shopping ect, we came back home.

Not much happened til about 2:00 am, he’d been getting weaker and weaker as the night progressed. then at 2:30 am, he passed on. we were so relieved that we didn’t have to put him down. it was very hard to loose a dog that had been around most of my life. i’m 26. i will miss him, but i will always have good memories of him. i would like to read rescuing sprinte, but i’m visually impaired, and i’m not aware of an audio version of this book. are there plans to make one? i’m a braille reader as well. the only way i could read it is to have someone read the entire book to me. thanks for putting up this section of your site. to the admins. i have no photos of rambo on my computer. if i do get some one, i’ll put them up. feel free to edit this however you need to.

Matthew from MO