Please bring our dog home

It is funny how God works. I haven’t been listening to Mark but for about 2 months and now I have a great story to tell. My family and I have 5 kids. We have a Long Hair chihuahua. Well 4 weeks ago she was up towards the end of our long driveway and someone picked her up. She had her tag on but still someone picked her up. Now my girls were just beside themselves. We looked every where for her but nothing. Well last week my wife decided she would write a letter to the editor of our small town news paper. The paper only comes out on Tuesday and Fridays and so on Friday it came out and was the first letter. So its title was in bold letter on the page ‘ Please bring our dog home”. It just said that someone had picked up our dog and that our 5 kids were very upset and if they would just let her out at the end of our driveway she would find her way home.

Well I was sure that whom ever had her wouldn’t bring her back but it couldn’t hurt. So this morning (02/18/08) i got a call from my wife saying that (maggie) our dog was sitting on the porch scratching on the door. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have her back. So that shows that even those who would steal a dog care about the animals enough to know that she was wanted.

Chad from GA