Pepsi, Tiki

Just started reading your book, Rescuing Sprite. I am really enjoying it.

Just a quick note to let you know that I have my own Pepsi and her sister, Tiki. They are both Parson Jack Russell Terriers and they are the livliest dogs I have ever had! They are the reason that I continue the struggle as they bring me such joy and laughter! I had a good laugh when I read the passage in your book about Pepsi becoming the “devil” dog, as my Pepsi does the same exact thing.

I think that all animals are precious but dogs REALLY, REALLY rule! I know that I will be in tears by the end of your book but I just want to say: GOOD SHOW! Love to all of your pets – I know I will be hugging and kissing mine when I get home tonite!

Maria from NY