Last night we lost our precious little lop-eared bunny, Owen during an operation to remove a facial abscess. My husband, two children and I are devastated.
We got him as a baby and from the day we brought him home he gave us nothing but love. We nicknamed him ‘Sweetness’ like Walter Payton because of his sweet and gentle disposition. Rabbits can be grumpy as our past rabbits often proved, but not Owen. He was kind to everyone and loved by all including the vets and staff at the animal hospital where he became a regular in recent days.
Every morning he would greet us with great enthusiasm, halfway hanging out of his cage until we gave him pets and ‘shmooches’ on the nose. We loved to give him parsley –‘bunny candy’ we called it, because he devoured it with such gusto. However, he thought it was more important to enjoy our affection rather than eat his treat, so he always waited until we stopped loving on him before diving in.
Bunnies are wonderful pets, especially the dwarf lop-eared variety. The things they do are hilarious and Owen entertained like no other bunny. His happy kick-flips around the family room, his cute, fastidious ear and face grooming rituals with his little paw ‘instruments’, his sudden flops onto his side when a nap crossed his mind, all gave us reason to stop whatever we were doing and watch with amusement. His curiosity for undiscovered places in the house got him into mischief and he knew it! The only time he tried to avoid us was when he was ‘out of bounds’ in the house, so the chase was on to catch him and when we finally did it was only because he let us. He would stop running and just sit there until we picked him up and put him back in his space.
Life will be different as of today and it’s a very sad time for us. I wanted to share this story because I know there are others out there, especially Mark Levin who understand this kind of loss and can sympathize.
Thank you Mark for giving me this forum to say something about my ‘third child’, you are an amazing man and I look forward each night to hearing your brilliance and humor come through my radio.

Lisa from CA