Niko, Angel, Liesel, Gusti

Dear Mark: I just finished your book “Rescuing Sprite” – I still have tears in my eyes, and I share the pain over the loss of your beloved Sprite. I have had to say good bye to six (6) canine friends in my life time, and it never got any easier. Though time does heal wounds, the memories stay forever in our hearts and bring smiles to our faces! We currently have a 15 yr Border Collie mix named Niko, and a six year old Boxer named Angel (though her middle name is Devil). Acually, your book inspired me so much that I am thinking of writing a little book about our dogs, cats, and horses–even if its just going to be for the children and grandchildren!
However, another reason fo me writing to you today, I would like to pass on some advise my dad gave me when I was a young girl: never marry a man who does not love and respect animals! Well, I listened to dad and married this (wonderful) guy 47 yrs ago. Three children, many dogs, several cats, and six horses later he is still the kindest man and animal lover I have ever known. Thought you may want to pass on my dad’s advice to Lauren!
Another important thing I have learned about losing a pet: always let the surviving animals see and sniff the dead buddy, it is amazing to witness how easily they accept that their companion is gone. Many years ago, we had a black Chow/Lab mix named “Liesel,” and a small shephard mix named “Gusti.” They were inseparable. Liesel at the age of only 7 developed cancer and was gone within a couple of weeks. We made the mistake of burying Liesel before Gusti would see her. Gusti lived for many more years but never once stopped looking for her friend even though we had gotten another dog (Niko) from the Fairfax Animal Shelter shortly after Liesel’s death. Every time she would see a black dog she got all excited until she realized it was not her beloved Liesel. Heartbreaking.
I am so happy you got Griffin shortly after Sprite’s passing, it really helps to ease the pain and absorb the loss (I am speaking from experience).
Hope I did not ramble on too long! Warm regards and wishes to you, your lovely family, and, of course, Pepsi and Griffin!

Marga from VA