Maggie, Quinn, Mitzi

Just finished reading” Rescuing Sprite” and it brought back a flood of memories of all the dogs my family and I have owned from when I was a small boy. (I’m now a supposedly responsible middle-aged attorney/Husband/Father of four and proud owner of a six year old Newf “Maggie” and one year old Corgie puppy “Quinn”. Over 35 years ago, our beloved German Shepard “Mitzi” had to be “put to sleep”, she was 12 years old, and had such bad arthritis and hip problems that she could barely walk. We had an old house in South Orange, and all the bedrooms were upstairs, so for over two months, my Father would carry our beautiful 75 pound Mitzi up the stairs each night, and down the stairs each morning…eventually her pain was so intense, she would softly cry, and my parents waited one day until the eight of us were in school, and took her to the Vet for the last time.To my younger brothers and sisters, Mitzi was “at a farm in Pennsylvania”…but we older ones knew she was gone…Mark your book helped me remember all that is good with our human/canine relationships…and as with your Griffen…other dogs will arrive in your life…but is it crazy that a 54 year old guy still misses his beloved dog? My Catholic faith reveres St. Francis, and I hope and pray for his intercession that when we reach our final reward, our human relatives and friends are there to greet us…along with our beloved animal relatives. God bless you Mark!

Charlie from NJ