The first time I saw Lola she was in a little crate that was full of what look like muddy water. she looked to be dark brown with stiff fur sticking out everywhere. As it turns out some boys had been urinating on her and her wiskers had been burned off. I opened the crate took her out she was sumissive and quiet kind of like she just didn’t care like she had just given up. She smelled so bad I had to wrap her up in a towel so my friend could hold her on the drive home. Once arriving home I was shocked to find out after a bath that Lola was she was white with dark patches covering her eyes. and her stiff fur was as soft as a kittens, She was the cutest little thing I had ever seen. She however seemed so sad and wouldn’t eat or drink any thing. The next day I took her to the vet I was told she was about 4 weeks old. I was told to just try to get her to eat by giving her soft food. Through out that day and the next I was on a continueous search for something Lola would eat or dink to without success. Staying in constant contact with the vet going back getting special food and milk from them still nothing work . Then lola starting vomiting when she wasn’t asleep she would dry heave. When she tried to have a bowel movement what little happened had blood in it. I was back on the phone with the vet she said “look you did a good thing by trying to help her but I thinnk the best thing would be to end her suffering”. As I readied her and myself to take her there my best friend starting crying and said isn’t there something else we can do? For some reason I thought I’d try what they give babies with stomach flus. So I got a childs medicine syringe filled it with Pedilite and sat down for a little battle with Lola. You see Lola didn’t want to eat or drink so I would have to hold her little face and force the Pedilite down her throat and she fought it all the way. Every hour I’d force a few more milligrams down her. The following day she actually seemed a little better the day after that she was running and playing. Lola and I have been together every since through a heart breaking divorce. Through a new home in a new town through lots of changes. Lola herself changed the dark patches covering her eyes lighten and moved to her ears, her fur grew long, her tail curls up with long fur cascading like a water fall. When she excited she dosen’t walk she prances. She’s a soft 32 pound mushey teddy bear and I love hugging her. She has earned the name Lola the licker and her caption on my space (yes she does)claims “I can’t hold my licker”! She’s my Loyal Lola and where ever I am she is. I used to think people who loved their dog like a child were nuts. Now I’m one of those nuts. I say if I could’ve given birht to a dog it would be Lola. This March Lola will be three and I expect she will have many, many more birthdays to come.

Kayce from GA


2 Responses

  1. faye lawrence Says:


    this is a precious story

    glad you found her and helped her it was like you

    both found your angel..

  2. Linda Turner Says:

    She’s so cute!!! Thank you for hanging in there with her and saving her life. I will remember the Pedilite