I read your book on my way to Chicago yesterday. I’m a huge animal lover, in fact I have 2 dogs and 3 cats currently. As I read about Sprite’s illness, it really hit home for me. In 2005, I had to put to sleep my siamese cat, Kimmy. She had exactly the same type of tumor that Sprite had. Kimmy too had the indentation around her eye. She went blind in one eye on the same side as the tumor. My veterinarian wanted to remove her eye and remove the tumor. That would only prolong her life for a matter of a couple of months. I decided to make her as comfortable as possible until her final day. I too struggled when the right time to put her asleep was. She became even more affectionate and wouldn’t leave my side, so it made even more hard to know when the right time was. One day I came home to her turning around in circles. It broke my heart completely. By the end of that week, she was not my Kimmy anymore, She had no idea who I was and her turning in circles got worse. That Saturday, I made the call to my vet and brought her in. The whole car ride, she just spun around in her carrier. As I held her when my vet administered the first shot, she couldn’t relax. Her mind would not let her and it was so sad to see her in that state. I knew I made the right decision for her. After your reading your book, my guilt for putting her to sleep, lessened. It was comforting to read that someone else made the same decision I did. Thank you for writing this book! It’s so awesome to know so many other people have the same compassion and love for animals as I do.

Michelle from MI