Great One: Rescuing Tuffy

My wife and I moved back to Hobbs in Nov. of 2006. For about 6-8 months she noticed a small long haired dog trying to run with a pack of dogs. Being paralyzed in the hind quarters, the pack would be a block or two in front of her, and she would come bumping along behind.
My wife had a neighbor capture her and our lives took a dramatic turn.
Tuffy was in very bad shape when we took her in.
She was covered with fleas, she had diarrhea,worms,low white blood count, and no control over her bowls or kidneys due to her paralysis.
We had to decide weather to have her put down or try to save her,we chose the latter. Approximately two thousand dollars later she is happy, and healthy and a treat to our lives.
She has adjusted to wearing new born diapers while she is in the house,and I have taught her to sing with me to the meow, meow,meow cat food song.
I drive truck for Wal-Mart Trans. out of Plainview Tx.
I stay gone for 5 days. and when I arrive home on Sun. she always greets me at the door and is ready to sing.
If she gets hungry she will bring us her bowl and drop it our feet, look up at us as if to say, did you forget something.
Our local newspaper did a full page artical on her about special needs pets.
I would be happy to send you a copy of the article, if I could have your mailing address.
She is an excellent guard dog and is a treat to own.
Thanks for giving us a place to share our stories.

I listen to you on XM Radio on the road and streaming at home.
Keep up the good work!

Sandy and Stan from NM