On February 8, 1988, King Solomon’s Rebel
passed away quietly in the arms of Dallas Ray.
The grief and the sadness are nearly unbearable.

Amid the tears, I gently laid him in the white
pine coffin we made for him. We held hands as
we looked upon this angel for the “last time here”.

It is worth remembering that I said that the
“overpowering voice of love” from this small
voiceless creature was stilled by the hand of God.

Surely there is a reason. With all the
certainty that there is a God and a Heaven,
we, (His only family), Shall see him again.

He started life at 604 Tomahawk Circle,
in the arms of Dallas Ray. During the thirteen
years of His life here, He brought untold love
to this Family.

Jackie, Dallas Ray and I never questioned that Love.
He told us He loved us in so many ways. We told
Him every day that we Loved Him.

We buried Him there on the hillside in the yard.
It is a place where He laid to watch Jackie as
She worked in the yard, and where He always
Ran to greet us when we returned home.

It is the pinnacle of His Domain. It seems
fitting that His earthly remains rest
there under the pines where nearly all of
His territory can be seen.

We know that some looked upon him
and saw only a Basenji Puppy. We
know Him as our family.

There can be no greater legacy than LOVE.
The wealth He left us is, therefore, unmatched
because “LOVE IS FOREVER”. We will Love
Him Forever.

Through all the emptiness, the tears and the
sadness of His passing, He will ultimately live
in all of His Regal Splendor in our memories.
So Rest, Sweet Baby, with the Knowledge
that we will “Love You Forever”.

Bo, Jackie and Dallas Ray from AL

One Response

  1. Laney Schumacher Says:

    Hi, I understand your grief and the loss of your basenji. I too, lost Bingo, our basenji who lived a great spoiled life of 16 years. He was our first “child” after we got married 10 years ago.