Daisy Mae

For Christmas, 1996 , our Daughter gave us a beautiful English Bulldog pup. We named her Daisy Mae. We loved her so very much.
On December 4, 2002 we lost our beloved Daughter Julie Ann. We are still in our grieving process, but losing a child is like that. Daisy Mae became even more important to us, since in our minds she was the last physical link to our beautiful daughter. When Daisy passed on to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Julie, it hit us again how much we miss our daughter and how much we love Daisy Mae. She left us the day after Mothers day 2006. Some dear friends of ours have just gone through the almost identicl situation and we gave them your book. Bonnie said we couldn’t have picked a better gift.
Thanks, Mark. You helped us to help a friend.
Jim and Judy from CO