The reason I’m E-mailing you is because of Charlie. My husband called your show in Jan. to tell you about our dog Charlie who at the time was approx. 18 years of age. He was a yellow lab, which was left behind by someone when they moved from their home. It was almost three years ago that Charlie became a part of our family. We lost him two weeks ago. I won’t start to tell you everything Charlie was, I will just say he was our everything. It was the hardest thing when Charlie died, but I know there was an angel there that night not only to take Charlie, but also to let us know that he was going home now and it was going to be ok.

Any one who knew about the way Charlie came to us always says that it was a great thing the way we took him in and rescued him, but I think that sounds so backwards I know I didn’t rescue Charlie, Charlie rescued me. He came into my life at a time when I found out I have a seziure disorder, and I don’t know how to explain it, but it was if Charlie understood, and he was always there beside me. (through everything). I prayed the night that Charlie got sick that God would’nt let him suffer, that he would take him, looking back I know that was the hardest prayer for me to pray. But I knew I had to let him go, and I know and believe that he’s in a place where he is truly cared for. That’s all I will say now except for one thing, if I could I would send the people who left Charlie a thank-you note, just to say “thanks for the wonderful gift.”
Tammy from KS