Buddy, Casey

Just finished reading “Rescuing Sprite” and as I suspected, it was a “half a box of kleenex” type book. I had seen your interview before Christmas on Hannity and Colmes and asked my husband to get it for me for Christmas. Because of a loss of one of my favorite pets last April, I had not been able to read it until this week and I LOVE IT !!!!!!! What a touching love story, one I can really relate to as I love my pets the very same way….. totally. I loved my dog more than I love most humans. Buddy was a pound puppy who found his way into my car and heart 12 years ago. He was half boxer and half dalmation and was a love. Even though he dug and chewed his way through my home, yard and heart at first, once he grew up, we were fast friends. His death last April was similar to Sprite’s… the hour for the appointment approached and I faced it with dread. It was the most difficult decision I have had to make. His remains are stuffing a counted cross stitch pillow I have worked on for 10 years. Its made from a favorite photo of him on our bed. His companion and my husband’s dog, Casey, a dalmation also had to be put down a week after Buddy and she has a photo pillow too, hers is done comercially. They are on the couch in the guest room and I still hug them often. It takes a real dog-lover to understand all that we go through in this process. Thanks for making it so special for folks.

Nora from CA

buddy, casey