Bonnie Blue

Mark, My sister-in-law sent me your book, ‘Rescuing Sprite” as she knows what a dog lover I am. I am sorry to say that I haven’t read it yet as I cannot bring myself to pick it up. On January 2nd, I had to have my wonderful little Bonnie Blue put to sleep. She was a part of our family for 18 years abd 4 months. She was my constant companion and confidant for the last 17 years since my wife passed away. Her love and affection was one of the reasons that I was able to get thru those terrible days when the sense of loss and loneliness was almost overwhelming. My youngest daughter has been a veterinary technician for 17 years and the vet she works for let her bring the solutions home so we could put her to sleep in familiar surroundings. I held her tightly while my other two daughters each held one of her paws. We told her how much we loved her and I told her how much she had meant to me over the years. Noelle injected the solution and she slipped quietly away, very gently and peacefully to began her jurney to the Rainbow Bridge to meet her mistress who I am sure was waiting for her. I believe she knew it was time to leave us because she had had many health problems the last year and was just very old and tired. She was a wonderful, sweet little puppy that was friends with everyone in the neighborhood. I miss her very much.
Someday soon I will read the book. I promise.

Art from TX