The other day, I received a hilarious video of “talking dogs.” I haven’t the faintest idea how these owners have enough patience to teach their dogs to speak the phrases in the video, nor do I understand how the dogs do it.

However, I was surprised the other day when I was covering Blackjack’s bed with a clean towel (washed weekly, which he enjoys). I was talking to him as I did it, and asked him if he liked having a clean bed to sleep in. The entire time I was arranging the towel, he was stepping on it and making the usual grunting noises. Just after I asked him if he liked the clean towel, he made a grunt that sounded exactly like, “Uh huh.”

I was shocked and amused. Suddenly my ordinary and moronic dog was transformed into something resembling a human, and I love him even more for it. I also realize that it was just coincidence that his grunt sounded like human language, but that doesn’t make it any less endearing or special for me.

Is it the best thing in the world to feel like you’ve truly communicated with your furry friend? Uh huh!

Shirlyn from TX