I first heard about Rescuing Sprite early in December ’07 and immediately purchased a copy. Shortly after that in the days before Christmas, my little dachshund, Belle, started to walk strangely. Within just a few days, she was paralyzed in her hind legs, and in a lot of pain from degenerative disc disease. By New Years Eve, she never improved and through my vet’s guidance, we made the decision to let her go peacefully.

I really think it was a blessing that I found this book before Belle became sick. I credit it in assisting me deal with Bell’s ailments, and it’s helping me cope after her passing. I constantly thought of Mark, and how he dealt with the emotional pain and anguish, he faces in losing his Spritey.

I have since given four of your books to my friends and family. One of these friends has an older dog with arthritis and the dog has his good and bad days similar to Sprite. Since Rescuing Sprite helped me cope, I have given him your book in hopes that it will help him as it did me.

Mark, thank you for such an amazing book. I know Sprite is missed, but it is amazing how many people he touches in his after-years.

Preston from  TX