I met Barn-dog over 2 years ago through an internet adoption site. At the time, I was quite leary about taking on the responsibility of dog ownership.
However, I was lured in, by a good friend, into a search for a puppy that she wanted to bring home. We spent a few weeks searching websites for puppies in our area.
An unfruitful search for her, became a wonderful journey for me.
I stumbled upon www.citypetrescue.com, an organization based in Dallas, TX that takes in dogs and cats who have lost their home. Enter Barney.
I fell in love with his disproportionately large black nose that overshadowed his matted grey hair. There he was, looking more pathetic than anything should be allowed to look.
Still in my adamant feeling that I was much too busy to keep a dog, I began to silently cheer for Barney- hoping that his home would soon be introduced. I checked back every day or 2 to see if his status had changed from “available” to “adopted”.
Six weeks went by and still the Barndog remained. I began to include him in my nightly prayers. I began to tell the story to my friends.
Finally, on a dreary February day, on my way to the airport, I was convinced (by my most wonderful mother) that I needed to go see Barn.
The City Pet Rescue operated, on weekends, out of the downtown PetSmart (a truly remarkable organization) bringing in the dogs they were adopting out.
We made our way downtown to the front foyer of PetSmart. There, before me, in the first crate, was a grey-haired, smaller version of an Irish Wolfhound named Barney.
I came down on both knees and whispered in his crate- “hey bud- you need a home?”.
To that day, I had never experienced love at first sight. And to this day (Feb 23, 2008) have still not come close to the feeling I had the day I saw my Barney.
In a rush to get my mom to the airport, I trusted the Pet Rescue with my drivers liscence saying that I would be back to pick up Barney.
That evening I went back to get my friend. We have been inseparable from that day forward. I take him everywhere I go. I have broken up with boyfriends for not excepting a dog in their lives. He is my joy, my life and (other that God) my salvation. I am forever blessed for this relationship. I hold him in my heart.
I stand in awe of the open and loving hearts of people that I have “met” through Rescuing Sprite.
Mr Levin- you are a beacon of everything I hold dear- a model of values that I strive to not only live by, but also promote. Thank you for your intelligence and thank you for your heart.

God Bless,

Jennifer from TX