Work Dogs

Dear Mark
I just got done reading ur book. What a great job you did. I felt like Sprites and Pepsi’s Uncle and still do. I thought I had a more than average amount of machismo for a man of my age (50). I can’t tell you how many times I cried like a baby reading the story of Spritey. Just writing about it makes me tear up. I don’t have a dog at home. My house is too small and I’m on the go alot and that wouldn’t be fair to a dog. However at work we have two big dogs. About 7 years ago someone dumped 2 dogs off near our work. 1 male and 1 female. Of course we started feeding them. The female was mostly a border collie and the male is mostly German Shepard. They had a litter and from that litter we kept 1 pup that looked like mom. Now he’s a huge (98 lbs) boy.


About 2 months ago we couldn’t find momma dog. We looked all over and found her out in the woods. She had been bitten by a poisonous snake and died. I cried for days. Now the remaining 2 dogs, Duke the dad and Pinto the huge big ole baby won’t leave each others side. The unconditional love they show us is truly amazing. How anyone could “dump” any dog off is beyond me. I don’t have any pictures. I want to thank you for writing your book. I have an even deeper love for our dogs. Give Pepsi and Griiffen a hug and kiss for me please.


Mainard from TX