Mark, I wanted to share an email from a dear friend of mine who lost her dog after 16 years. It broke my heart to read that the love of her husband and her life had passed over this past weekend. I am sharing a picture that I asked for her to send me to share with you. If there is anyway I can buy an autographed book to Portia and Mike please let me know. They have no children and this dog was their life.

TO ALL: For those of you who didn’t get the message, our sweet dog “Tootsie” died this past weekend. She was 16 but still very active and the best companion anyone could ever imagine! We’ll remember her as the “love of our life” and “life of our parties.” Thank you also for sharing your friendship with her. I know Tootsie’s in heaven, in good health, running and playing and happy.
Porshe and Mike

I’m crying as I read your note. I loved her very much!
I hope to see you soon! Love, Porshe

Lloyd from VA