Thumper and Rory

Reading mark’s heartwarming tale of sprite and pepsi continually reminded me of thumper. thumper was actually thumper “the third” — i grew up with two other thumpers, all black cocker spaniel or cocker/lab mixes. thumper the third was a grouch. but boy, did he love his mom and dad (mike and denise). he was loyal, obediant, always ready to jump in our laps and show us how much he loved us.

Two years ago, he got sick and i had to put him to sleep. the vet, bless her heart, came to our house because she knew how much thumper hated going to the vet’s office. i held him in my arms and cried and cried as she put the needle into his paw. he went so peacefully, but my heart hurt. badly. his little “sister”, our beagle, now has a new sibling, a puggle (pug-beagle mix) named rory. we love our dogs so much, but i will always miss thumper. thanks, mark, for this great site and for the opportunity to share my story with your many fans.

Mike from TX