The Return Of Mochi

A few weeks ago I sent you the story of my lost poodle (and rescue dog), Mochi, who ran away from my pet sitter the day after Christmas. This had been one of the most difficult times in my life, not knowing what happened to my poor baby and where she could have been. As each week went by, people around me started to lose hope. We had had temperatures below freezing, hard rain, and even a snow storm.


Every day I did a little something to work on getting her back. I continued to search the shelters, pets for sale ads, and lost & found ads. But the one thing that I did that was most helpful was to never give up hope and pray. Not only did I pray, I submitted to every online prayer request that I could find, I sought out pet chaplains, and went to prayer for pets websites. Anyone and everyone that I could get to pray for my dog to return home, I contacted.


It worked! Mochi is home safe & sound. She was found about 1 mile from my home hiding under a barn. The man who owned the barn just happened to also build cage traps to catch coyotes. The first time he saw her, she would not go to him when called but hid under the barn instead. So, he set one of his homemade traps (with which he had never caught one coyote). Within an hour, though, Mochi was caught. She was ok, a little dirty and very hungry, but OK! After 22 days of living outside, surviving, finding her own food, and finding her own shelter, she is home. I always believed that I would find her and I never gave up on her. I think she never gave up either. She did her part to stay safe and fed until I found her – and I did!


Toi from GA