The Comfort a Dog Provides

Dear Mark,
I heard Rush talking about “Rescuing Sprite” one day just before Christmas and had to purchase it. Last Sunday I sat down and read the entire book without moving. I bawled the entire way through. Bless you for sharing your personal story with so many of us who love our dogs and assorted pets.

Having a dog has made me a better person. My faith in God is much stronger now because I know dogs were put here to teach us humanity and love and joy and trust.

My father passed away from Alzheimer’s this year. Towards the end, the only happiness we could find in his lost soul was when he would pet our dog. Somehow, she could connect and reach into his heart and pull out what we thought was long gone. Others in the nursing home benefited from our dog’s visits as well. Perhaps it is the purity of their hearts than can reach into those that can no longer connect with humans.

My hope is that your book will touch those that take their pets for granted and teach them that animals deserve to be family members, not accessories. God bless you all. God bless Sprite.

Heather from MA