The Animal Kingdom

Dogs are smarter than most people,and so are most of the other domestic and wild animals.We can learn from them, pure honesty and pure loyalty… for example… way out in the middle of nowhere… the deer and the rabbits on my farm are not scared of my dogs…. and the dogs are not allowed to chase or hunt them, even if its against what a dog is born to do. On the other hand I hunt and kill and eat those animals myself and put them in the freezer. When i harvest these animals, (yes im a farmer) i do it in the wild enviroment… not on my farm… please excuse my bad grammer and spelling.

I guess my point is that animals, wild and domestic, actually know there place in life more than us humans do…the wild free ones seem to know that they are safe in the front yard…..and also know they are open targets when out in the woods…..there is a hidden message in this …..i think LOL………just for the record im 4th generation farmer and i work in oil field to afford to farm…..fair warning..produce does not grow in the back of the local market….when the s#!t goes down you city folks are goona be in a world of hurt and we wont be able to help you when we have to just take care of our own…..true conservatives ,”bring home the bacon”..they actually feed the people.

Dont take me wrong, I really love what you and hannity do….trying to put a voice out for us but in a way you are liberals because your making a living off of us by just talking bout it,not doing it…can you produce food on the property you own to feed yourself?Can you heat or cool your home from the property you own? Can you make your own fuel for your car? Can you run a chainsaw to cut wood for your woodstove to heat your home?

When the rednecks decide to take care of our own and say to hell with the rest of ya………its goona get ugly. ya im a 2%ter…and yes im a veteran to..us airforce aircraft mechanic honorably discharged…
There is just to many people to support…we cant do it much longer..for exsample…good dairy quality alfalfa has been stuck between $100-$150 per ton for 20 years…..but the farm fuel has went from $.90 to $3.50………
irrigation water(if your lucky enough to get it)has went from $8.00 per acre foot to $28.00 per acre foot…fertilizer and equipment has had the same inflation..also labor.
God bless ya mark and
God save this country.

Ron from CO