Thank You For Sprite

I finished your book Rescuing Sprite last evening with tears streaming down my face…Having had to make that difficult decision with 3 of my beloved dogs over the past 10 years, you captured the agony,anxiety, guilt, second-guessing, and heart felt grief we all experience when the time comes….you are absolutely correct when you expressed “who are we to decide the day, the time, the place”…however, we make such difficult decisions out of unconditional love that we have with these wonderful pets in return for the love they gave to us.


We as humans have much to learn from the dignity and manner in which dogs live their lives….unconditioned love, the spirit of enjoying the simple things in life; a good walk,; a ride in the car,; the “smells” of the day; the breeze in their face….and they don’t ask for anything in return!!

My mother died 5 years ago after battling cancer…in a very real sense going through the difficult process with my pets helped me cope with the heart wretching loss of my mother…

I saw a poster years ago that says it all….”I want to be the person my dog thinks I am” God Bless your family and “the boys”.


Deborah from NY