Tank and Lexi

Just read your book, which I purchased as a gift for my wife, Linda. Unlike Linda, I don’t come close to being a dog lover like she is. But I am closer to being one than ever, since we’ve been married — two and a half years now — and live with our two dogs — Tank, 125lb. great pyr./Lab mix, and Lexi, 75lb. Huskey/germ. shepard mix. Through seeing how Linda cared for the dogs as we began dating, I got the notion that Linda was a loving, thoughtful person.

Maybe this sounds a little strange, but Linda rescued me. I had suffered from five years of repeated rejection when her brother introduced us. I needed love, affection, romance, a home. Linda accepted me and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, and at 53, I was running out of time for such a dream come true.

But the dogs weren’t exactly easy for me to get used to. I felt nervous around them — didn’t want them to touch me or crowd around me, or be around me while eating. Some days I don’t seem to mind, but some days I am bothered quite a bit. The thing is I don’t want to be this way, but it seems I can’t help it. Linda has been very understanding, and she’s noticed that I’m much better now that when we first met.

One day when Tank had been given some shots, he had an allergic reaction, which became apparent after he was home. His head became swollen and he kept shaking his head — with drool flying everywhere. When I saw him, I immediately shouted for Linda to call the vet as I got Tank in the car. He got the attention he needed to get him back to normal. Linda was impressed with my concern about Tank.

Another time, when we were about to go on vacation, I took the dogs to the kennel. The dogs somehow got loose from the kennel grounds and took off. I jumped in the car and began searching for them. After almost an hour, I found Lexi, but not Tank. Awhile later, I found him as he was headed for a busy highway. I was determined to find those dogs because I knew how much Linda would have been heartbroken had anything happened to them. I don’t know for sure if I actually cared for the dogs enough to want them back for myself as much as I couldn’t bear the thought of Linda’s painful loss if the dogs were not to be found.

Anyway, all I know is that I am getting better about loving the dogs. I did have some tearful moments reading the book about Spritey. Between the dogs and Linda, I feel rescued, and I am enjoying the best days of my life. I know Sprite felt the same.

Buddy from TN