Sydney, the dog we adopted from the Humane Society close to eight years ago, just passed away two weeks ago today, VERY SUDDENLY. He was beyond wonderful” as a pet for my husband and me, two senior citizens who have had and loved dogs most of our married life. Sydney was a stray the Humane Society picked up, and we adopted after our last dog got hit by a car in front of our home. Sydney came to us as a replacement of that dog, whom we were very close to, as well.


I do believe Syd was an angel sent to us as he adapted to our lifestyle immediately and showed his desire in life was to please us. And he did! We traveled with him, and he became one of us. So . . . needless to say, we were devastated and lost when he passed away so suddenly. Our tears come and go, and after reading “Rescuing Sprite,” the tears really flowed from both of us. We truly understand your loss.


Nina from MO