Strega, Gemma

I lost my Sheltie, Strega to renal failure at age 15. I never thought I would get over her. Three weeks later, I was contacted by Sheltie Rescue about a year old Sheltie. My husband and I drove and hour and a half to her foster home to meet her. I was pretty numb but I adopted her. She had been abused and didn’t interact or play. She was very timid. I patiently walked her, hugged her and reassurred her this home would be different. She didn’t believe right away and one month later ran away.


I prayed someone would find her, and they did, 36 grueling hours later. After that, Gemma was a different dog. I believe she realized we would not hurt her. Gradually she learned to trust, and a playful happy personality emerged. I can celebrate the life of Strega and honor her by giving Gemma the life she deserves.


Karen from MI