Stoli, Cedar

We had an older Great Pyrenees, Stoli for 10 years when we decided that at her advancing age, we would want to get another puppy, so that we would not be without a dog when Stoli’s time came.
We adopted Cedar, a 10 week old Newfoundland-Great Pyrenees mix. We had her for about 6 months when it came time to put Stoli down. A wonderful lady who write for the Oregonian, Deb Wood, answered questionsI had about euthanizing an older pet and dealing with my two children who were 13 and 16 at the time. I took Stoli to the vets (Banfiled – in Petsmart) where I went and talked with them and Stoli had a brief exam and I was reassured that it was the right time. She was ‘asking’ that I help her out.

Two day later, I went in and sitting on the floor with her, help ‘went to sleep, with her head in my lap. I was very peaceful and comforting. I then went home, rounded up my kids and the puppy, and we went back to say ‘goodbye’ My daughter remarked that she looked like she was sleeping. Cedar, the pup sniffed her and I guess she made peace that her ‘old’ friend was not coming home.

Cedar has become our best dog ever! Smart – she has us trained so well. She talks to us and asks when she wants out, to eat, to jump on the bed. Cedar is 8 1/2 and we figured at her size and breed, we may have another 1-2 years with her. She started limping about 2 weeks ago. Vets put her on Rimydal.She finished the last pill yesterday. I took her on a short walk, first one in about 2 weeks. Once home she was limping worse than before. I just reurned from the vets a little while ago where Cedar was x-rayed. I received heartbreaking news. It looks like Cedar has osteosarcoma in her left wrist. The only treatment is amputation. Given her age and weight (128) this is not an option. She has been given pain meds for two weeks.

I don’t know how much longer we will be willing to have her, knowing that even with painkillers she is suffering. Once again we will have this decision to make. I wasn’t ready to get a puppy until summer. I am so concerned to tell my daughter. She is 21 and away at school. She will be crushed, but we will wait to tell her when she comes home this weekend.
I haven’t really cried yet . I don’t think the reality of it has set in yet.

Lesli from OR