Sprite the Matchmaker

Mark- I wonder if Sprite knows how many people he has probably brought together. I recently boarded a plane and found myself in an aisle seat with an empty seat between me and a nice woman in the window seat who was reading Rescuing Sprite. She was laughing and enjoying the book. I commented about the book and the author, hoping to strike a conversation about Mark Levin and/or politics. She told me the book was a gift from a friend, another dog lover, and she made it clear she was primarily interested in dogs, not politics.

Soon the empty chair between us was filled by another man who sat down and immediately commented on the womans book. Now here were two dog lovers! They chatted non-stop through the entire flight and you could see a friendship developing fast. The conversation started with rescuing dogs but it eventually covered an entire spectrum of topics. By the end of the flight two new friends exchanged email addresses and Sprite the matchmaker is probably smiling about the entire incident, as was I.

Bill from NY