I’m a regular listener, fellow conservative, and above all dog lover. I purchased and read your book. I remembered my own joys and sorrows with tears in my eyes as I read. Dogs are a true gift to us humans. My own “Spot” I am sure would have wound up in a shelter or worse had I not rescued her.

I am truly sorry for your loss and know how I felt when I have lost previous dogs, and how I feel about even the thought of when Spots time with me is through.

I have only one thing about your story that srikes me in a little bit the wrong way. Somewhere you mention that “a portion of your proceeds will go to animal shelters” which in my mind leaves open the possibility that you will also profit from the book. I would have rather seen that all of the proceeds went to shelters or other charities. Or, no mention at all of what you are doing with the proceeds, thereby keeping what you do with it personal and private.
I can understand the catharsis and wanting to share your story. For myself I don’t think that I would want to profit from the death of a loved one.

Thanks for the great book, and your great articulation of our conservative cause.

Charles from MI