Sparky, Max

Just finished your book and must say had a good cry through most of it!! The only people who can share your grief are other pet owners!! We lost our pet “Sparky” last valentines day. What a sad day in the Moreno Household. After a brief illness, we had to put hour ten year old shepard down. My husband and sons mourned for weeks, we consulted our freind the psychiatrist and realized our saddness was normal.

After a couple of weeks, I started looking for a new shepard, and that is how Max came into our lives. He is full of bad puppy behavior, but when we look into his eyes we see our sparky. Our three children are off at college, but our other three children (daisy, coby and Max)) keep us busy. I will share your book with other dog lovers at work. I have had Sparkys ashes in my family room for almost a year now, and because of your book, i know now where will sparky go. I too will buy a tree and place them as you have done. what a beautiful testament to Sprite. Pet owners love in a special way.

Marcia from MA