I was traveling home from my son’s home in Florida with Sophie, my 13 year old bassett hound..my traveling companion, we were considered “road warriors”…We traveled back and forth between the kids in Florida and my elderly folks in Baltimore…Anyway we were on our way back the island in September 2007 to be back in route to my dying Dad’s bed side…On the radio I was listening to talk radio where Mark was being interviewed by Sean Hannity about this book..I decided after arriving back home to get this book because I knew that I would be facing exactly the same life experience..


Several times on that ride home I had to pull over and finish crying and hugging Sophie to reassure her of my love for her..Needless to say the 5 hour drive took me almost 6 hours!! To my surprise upon my arrival home was THE BOOK sent by a dear friend,another dog lover ,who knew I’d love this story. I started the book before my journey home to my Dad’s bedside …Sophie by myside…we survived Dad’s passing away in mid-October… I then returned home to discover my true love Sophie was suffering from carcinoma of her nasal cavity ..she had survived abdominal surgery from carcinoma the previous year…However this time I would not be so lucky…


Getting back to the book, I stopped reading it after being 3/4 s completed because i did not want to read the end>>If I kept Sprite alive longer ..my Sophie would be alive as well…After Sophie being gone 2 months I did finally finish the book…All I can say is>>>THANK YOU MARK>>>You helped me in ways you can not imagine..The pain will never go away but knowing that others are as crazed as I am helps so much..AGAIN>>>Thanks!!


Donna from SC