Solace In Faith

Mark – Thank you for writing such an honest, heart-felt book. I was given a copy for Christmas in the context of having lost my beloved dog back in November.

I’m including a link to a recording someone sent me of a boy in Texas who had to put down his pet calf. He relied on his strong Christian faith to help him deal with his grief. I hope this doesn’t offend, as I realize you are Jewish, but wanted to share this:

S from VA

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  1. Sam F. Says:

    Hey S… I listened to the youtube link you left. It was touching. Thanks for sharing it. Also Mark, I love the book. I gave a copy of it to my mom for Christmas after hearing about it so much on your radio show. I got out the wrapping paper and was ready to get it ready to place under the tree when the next thing I know, I am totally engrossed in the book! It is such a great read! Thank you for sharing your story!