Slurpee is absolutely my best friend. When we rescued her at a month and a half old with whiskers burnt, she hardly wanted anything to do with me, the male owner. After months of love and care she became one of those dogs that is attached to the hip of it’s owner. A runt, Lab/Retriever mix, full grown at 45 pounds; SHE IS PERFECT. Still carries a puppy coat at 3 years old and is the most obedient dog. The cool part of this story is this: I am a basejumper. My dog since the beginning has been around climbing, skydiving, and basejumping. It amazes us all to see her walk with me miles to the top of a cliff in in Moab, just to watch her owner jump. She whines as her nose is over the edge and belly on the rock waiting for me to gear up and jump. As soon as i jump she bolts back down the hill to jump on me. Just mention the words ‘base jumping’, and this dog is in heaven with glee. Thanks for alllowing me to share this experience with my best friend…. Slurpee!


Taylor from CA