My husband bought me your book on Sprite for Christmas. I just read it last weekend. I enjoyed listening to you when traveling through NY or listening to Rush here in Boston. I am a 57 year old accountant and a conservative. I never believed in Spirit communication. But in 1999 I lost my precious friend Larry; Lawrence Boo Boo Bear using his Sunday name. He was a 17 year old Irish Wolfhound. His passing changed my life. I became obsessed with learning about Spirit Communication and visited several well known mediums; taking classes to learn how to become a medium as well as seeking messages from the Spirit World to tell me that Larry yet survived the change called death. What I discovered was that dogs and cats and all our furry friends are energy, formed energy here and they do cross over to the world of Spirit, just as we do….as Sir Isaac Newton taught us, energy is neither created nor destroyed…it all makes sense to me now.

One morning after Larry passed, my husband heard his bark while in the shower. And then during a sitting I had with well known medium Robert Brown in a hotel in NY where dogs were not permitted I heard Larry speak from the ‘Other side’ and it was recorded on tape. Robert Brown wrote about it in his book ‘We Are Eternal’. Larry is in seven published books so far.

I have since written four books on Spirit Communication; proving the validity of the details through academic research. My website is: www.skybear.com and it tells my story…how the love I shared with my beloved friend Larry prompted me to discover my life’s true path…unconventional and challenging. I invested over $700K of my own money in the research project that followed; proving that mediumship is real.

But my most memorable moment was and always will be when Larry came to me in the early hours of the morning to tell me he was OK…I could see, hear, feel him…and yes even smell his paws…it was what I have come to recognize as a ‘visit’ from Spirit.

God bless you for writing your book on Sprite; his love for you has changed your life…just as Larry and his silly ways changed mine.

Dr. Deborah from MA


(the photo is of Larry, or ‘Skybear’ as we call Larry now…at Skydome Stadium watching a CFL football game)