Seawolf & Satellite


I have a bit of bad news to share with you. My friend just lost his best buddy Sunday, his black lab “Seawolf”. He was only 4 years old. My late doberman “Satellite” was Seawolf’s best dog friend. So many days I would bring Satellite over to play with Seawolf. They would play for hours. They think Seawolf died from cancer cause he was acting the same way Satellite did in his last days. Sad that both dogs die from cancer at very young ages Satellite 12/24/06 and Seawolf 1/27/08. Now my dog Lucky has no dog buddy to play with anymore unless there happens to be a dog at the dog park. I told my friend that now Satellite has his old buddy to play with once again.

RIP Satellite and Seawolf.

Joseph from FL