A close friend gave me a copy of “Rescuing Sprite” after I lost “Seani”, my little Shih Tzu. Mark’s book gave me the assurance I needed to know there are others who have gone through the grief and questioning I was feeling when Seani died — that I wasn’t alone.

I adopted her from rescue about 5 years ago (or she adopted me!). Seani was a “breeder toss-out”, who could no longer have puppies and therefore, was expendable. Truthfully, I wanted a Yorkie or some other small breed of dog when I met her and in the process of waiting, I found myself falling in love with her little pug face, her fluffy tail that curled over her back and her big round eyes — one blue and one brown. I asked my friend, who was involved in rescue (and going broke), “What are you going to do with Seani?” “I’ll keep her unless someone like you comes along.”
That was it. She was mine. It took a long time for Seani to get used to not being crated or to being held in my arms, cuddled and loved.

She loved car rides but didn’t like to walk on a leash. She loved lying in the sun on the patio and warming her tummy, or just watching the birds and deer on our property. This was her “heaven”.

It was a very short five years for me. But when she died, the past five were the “best” years of her twelve year life! We laid her to rest in the woods that front our home, where our other beloved pets are buried. The tears still come, even as I write this tribute to Seani. She lives on in my heart and always will.

Thanks, Mark — and thanks, Sprite!!

Yvonne from VA