Scrubber, Lancelot, and Adam

Mr. Levin:

I just finished reading “Rescuing Sprite”. It was a wonderful book. I have always been a dog lover and I can identify with your emotions about Sprite and all of your dogs.

I had to put my beloved dog, Scrubber, to sleep about 2 weeks before Christmas year before last. He is buried in the garden in my back yard. I want him always to be close. He was 16 1/2 years old. He gave me and my family so much joy. It was so very hard when his vet told us it was time to put him to sleep. I cried so hard in the arms of our vet’s wife. I knew it was time, but it was still very difficult. Now I am comforted that he is running happily in the fields of doggy heaven with all of my other dogs.

I have adopted 2 dogs from a local shelter. Lancelot is part Lab and part Austrialian Shepherd. Adam is a rat terrier mix. I call them “my boys”. I love them so much. Dogs add so much pleasure to our lives. They are God’s angels on earth. They teach us so much about unconditional love.

God bless you for writing this book. So many people can identify with it.

Jennifer from KY