Scarlett and Maggie, Majick

My Dear Mark,

Although I have tried over and over again to call into your program, I cannot seem to get through. That is such a disappointment since I would love to talk to you. So, I will write to you instead. My story is sad, but with a very happy ending.

Before I tell you my story…just a tidbit of info on me. I do love dogs…the wonder of the animal world, but, I also am a lover of cats. I provide for abused, abandoned and rescue kitties and I have fed a pack of 40 to 45 feral kitties and cats, every evening since mid-March, 2007 without missing a day. At first, they ran like the dickens, but now when they see me, I truly need to be careful walking, since they weave in and out around my ankles. I pet them, the ones that let me, and am truly glad that they have a warm meal before they find safe haven for the night. I have rescued many from the pack and have socialized them for adoption.

Here’s my story.

Two years ago, my two loving dogs, Scarlett and Maggie, were stolen. I had let them out to do their business, and in a blink, they were gone. My friends and I searched every facility from West Palm Beach to Miami on a daily basis only to come up with absolutely nothing. They were gone and I was heartbroken.

On one of the many occasions when we went to Broward County Animal Care to look for my babies, we happened upon a very handsome fellow, a Boxer mix, penned with two other dogs. He was standing along side the gate with his chest out and his head held high and would not let the other dogs come near the gate. I walked over to him and said hello. He was smelly and looked like he had been dealt a really bad hand. But, in my heart, I knew that we met for a reason. It wasn’t love at first sight because I was still grieving for Scarlett and Maggie. One week later he was in my home as if he had been there all along. He never leaves my side, tells me his story when I come home from work. Lets me know when he needs to go out and protects the house as no other dog has even done before. Such a great animal and is loving, happy, and very protective of his kitty mates and his Mommy (me). It truly was a magical moment when we met….so, I named him Majick. He brought love back into my heart again and I will always be grateful for his love and companionship.

I never did find my loving dogs…and, I look for them everywhere I go…hoping one day they will return, somehow. I just pray, that, whereever they are, that they are safe and cared for.

Mark, I would like to send you a little something. I am an artist and I would like to create a little something that I think you and your family will enjoy. In order to have a completed picture, if you would, please tell me the first names of your family members and your loving pets. The pic is truly sweet, and I know that you will smile when you receive it. May I please have an address so that the pic will reach you safely.

Thanks so much for your frank, honest and refreshing program. I look forward to being able to listen to your radio show whenever I can. I am never disappointed.


Risa from FL

majick, merlin