I just finished reading RescuingSprite. I received it for Christmas from my sister.  We are all dog lovers, we grew up with dogs and even had one cat. Our last family Dog Sabrina passed away 2/14/06. from a large abdominal tumor that had not been shown on xray in January or October when she suffered a stroke. sabrina was a throw away, A close friend found her on his lawn ion Oct 29th 1996. she had been trown from a vehicle and was in bad shape for a 3 month old puppy.


Well I brought her home to my parents and invalid brother( it was his birthday 50 years old). Well after about one and a half to two years of work has finally settled down and became the lovable family member. She was a mixed Yellow lab and white shepard, about 80 lbs full grown, very gentle and protective. Always aware of the needs of my elderly parents, cautious around them. She would spend time each day with each one as the day elaspsed. Loved walks and rides in the car if not going to the vet. Needless to say, when one of my parents or brother was ill she was right there with them under thier bed. Whem Mom broke her hip, she had to get up to the stretcher and kiss her as the ambulance was about to leave, as Mom and My brother were in their last illnesses, I brought them home to their own rooms, got hospice in and took off full time to care for them, I am a RN.

During thier last days, Sabrina stayed under the bed and seemed to understand the loss. she too had lost a loving friend. unfortunately my dad became ill mar 11 2006 and passsed away April 1, 2006. After Jimmy passed away Sabrina was his only companion until I got home from work, shed was his faithful friend. When we found out she could not survive Dad told me to have the Vet, put her down. Each time I have had to do this it gets harder. When dad passed away, I had been searching the rescues for another dog, but could not work as diligently as I would have liked too. Dad keep saying “have you found my new dog yet” Of course I hadn’t. My friend brought over the cutest stuffed dog that looked so much like Sabrina that dad kept her in his arm until the last. We put her in the casket with other momemtoes.. II wished I had had the foresight to have her cremated and had put her ashes with him , but I found a large wisp of her hiar and tucked it in his breast pocker with apicture. Some might say that was silly or stupid. but I don’t care.


I still miss Sabrina and ofter think I hear her around the house at Night. I will get another dog soon, just can’t replace her quite yet. My sister is about to have her faithful friend put down, Peanut is also a rescue dog -her second and has developed a large abdominal tumor, We thought it would be today, bu Peanuts rallied, ate some rolled on his back and did all his business. His back legs are so weak and and abdomen showing the outline of the mass.We will know when it is time, and it will be hard. Your book brought back so many memories fo all of the loving companions we have had. They are physically gone away, but their spirit stays with us always.


Mary from MD