Just read your book today, my eyes are still wet with tears. I have 6 dogs, all rescued. Some are getting old, and I know the day will come when I must say good-bye. I have had that painful day before, with others who have gone on. I remember picking up the ashes of Rosie, a beautiful 10 year old white dog, one blue eye, one brown, who passed way too soon from liver disease. On my way home, I said “God I believe Rosie is with you. Please give me a sign. As I looked into the blue sky, there was but one cloud, I could make out a head of a dog.(It even had her little flopped ear!!) There where her blue eye should have been, was the blue sky, poking through the cloud. It was then I knew she was in heaven, living with the Creator of all things, where we are promised no pain, no sadness. I will see her again. Thanks for a wonderfun heartfelt story of “true love”

Karin from TX