Rocky, Candi & Snowphish

I have loved and lost too many to tell about here – seven of my best friends took their last breaths in my arms.

After discovering that I had cancer, I decided to follow my passion and I began volunteering with a dog rescue organization. I believed it might help to save my life, as well as the precious lives of other dogs. That was six years ago.

I have fostered many and cried when each one moved on to their forever home. Some were so battered and old by the time that they came to me, that I became their last stop on earth. They deserved better than to have been dumped at kill shelters just because they had medical problems in their twighlight years. I loved each one as if they had always been with me and each left a hole in my heart that can never be filled. Luckily my heart still has room for others to find their own special place.

I now have just three babies remaining – an 18+ old 5 lb. poodle named Rocky, who is deaf and nearly blind and requires heart medication, an 8 year old 17 lb. cockapoo puppy mill girl named Candi who was terrifed of being touched for more than two years after we rescued her. She is still very fearful, but snuggles with us when the lights go out at night. My third little boy, Snowphish, is around six and suffers from neurological disorders that cause him to spin and attack himself. I’ve been working with him for two years and he may never be completely rid of his demons, but he now enjoys lots of loving moments just snuggling in my arms or doing “puppy zooms” through the house.

Thank you, Mark, for saving and loving Sprite. I hope your book will inspire others to turn to a rescue group to find their next “family member”.

Linda from GA