Rockie & Florence


I have been putting off reading “Sprite” for months for fear of my emotional reaction. I finally read it and had to put it down at least 20 times to mop my eyes and regain my composure. Perhaps the worst part of your ordeal was the fact that you got Sprite thinking he was 3 only to discover he was much older…as if those wonderful potential years with him were snatched away without you being able to do anything.

Your warmth and humanity about your family, includes dogs, is quite touching.

I am a Boxer lover. Have had 8 and presently have 2, Rockie age 7 and Florence age 2. Your book projected me into that unwanted future when I would be facing the inevitable, which I have had to do several times before…and it only gets worse…my approach is to get another boxer!!!


Dan from NY

Rockie & Florence