Our Dogs

My 10 yr old son is dyslexic and in order to have him comprehend a book, I have to read out loud to him. He had to read a non fiction, so we picked your book since we have dogs we love. And have dogs buried under a “shrine” in our back yard (NO HOA!). Tonight we finished your book and your words touched Wyatt and I so much we were both crying too hard to read much of the “memory tree” chapter. I had to skip over Kendall’s note, etc. since Wyatt was just too sad. But I am SO GLAD you got Griffen, because that made us happy again.

Please see our picture, we also have a border collie like Pepsi, a femaie named Dolly who is also quite the stinker! Way too smart. Same trash can deal. The other two dogs are Desert and Dusty, Malamute/Husky mix. All adopted from Save Animals from Euthanasia. http://www.azsafeanimals.org/ and we estimate their birthdays at 2/2/2007. That is when we will celebrate them anyway. Groundhogs Day!

These are my kids with fur. I just went thru a 14 month long divorce and the pups helped the kids by distracting them, learning to train them plus just care for others, and they help me the two nights a week my human kids are at their Dad’s. I love my kids with fur more than anything aside from my human kids. I know how you feel. My previous dogs were my kids before I had kids and I have photos of my kdis saying goodbye that would break the hardest heart. THANKS for sharing.

Although the ending was tough for Wyatt and I to read, we still have to write the book report. We have to suck it up and do it for Spritey. I told Wyatt that not many REAL dogs have owners that love them enough to go thru the pain of writing their story.

You lucky dog, Sprite!

Thanks Mark. I know how hard that labor of love must have been. Crying again when re-living your pain gave Wyatt another outlet to express his grief at the divorce, I think. He loves our dogs, and Daddy would never let us get dogs again. When Dad moved out, dogs moved in. 3 dogs that love him. It was hard for him to hear your pain, but it is life.
Take care and thank you for such a touching story that brought Wyatt and I into your home and into your family. It was special.

Joanie from AZ