My Dogs

Dear Mark,
I read your book on two flights in transit. I fly a great deal. Problem is that I am a 53 year old man with a wife and 19 year old. I have two wonderful dogs. An 11 year old goldie who looks like Sprite since he is now white in the face. Our other is a terrier mix who looks like Benji. Anyway, on the flights I could not stop sobbing. I guess that was the problem.

You put into words so many feelings which I share. Especially,how you mentioned thinking so often of how the end would come for your beloved Sprite. I think about my goldie (Chas) almost daily – actually for years even when he was young.

So thank you for sharing so many personal and intimate feelings about your dogs. And thank you for making it all feel normal.

I wish you new found love with new dogs, who could never take Sprite’s or Pepsi’s place, but who would do so well with you as their family leader.

Joshua from AZ