My Doberman

I bought your book, the autographed version.. however, I have not read it yet.. might be another one to read.. have an 8 year old Doberman Pincher.. great dog.. has a heart condition.. my wife took him to a specialist in Texas 400 miles from where we live just to give him a chance to live.. cost almost $4000 thank God we could afford it.


After major hear surgery, the Vet gave him one week to six months to live. It has now been six months and he is still alive and kicking… however he is truly at the end of his life span… it is hard. He still looks good.. and soon, I know the time will come when we will have to take the same decision that you had to take…

I love your show and when I am at work, in Africa, I try to catch you on streaming Audio… We worship the same God.. however I take a longer view through a Jewish Rabbi… GOD Bless you Mr. Mark Levin.. you and your family.. I wish you the best.. and I really do own an autographed copy of your book.


Joe from TX